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Frequently Asked Questions


(Q) Can I order directly from Mary's?
(A) No, Mary's is a distributor to designer / manufacturer / wholesaler, so we only sell to stores. Please look at our store listing on our website for a store near you at http://www.marysbridal.com/stores.aspx

(Q) How should I clean my beautiful wedding dress?
(A) First of all, ALWAYS get your dress cleaned after wearing. If it is not cleaned in a reasonable amount of time after wearing a yellowing of the fabric may result from prolonged storage. ALWAYS take your bridal dress to a professional cleaner that specializes in bridal dresses. Your normal cleaner may damage the precious dress by using the wrong chemicals.
Make sure preservation do not use the chemical Perchloroethylene. Please check the internet for some reputable professional bridal gown preservation if necessary.

(Q) How can I receive a Mary's Catalog?
(A) Please send $4.95 for S/H along with your address. Please go to our Catalog link for more information.

(Q) How can I locate a store that has the dress I want to try on in stock?
(A) Please look at our store listing on our website for the phone numbers of stores near you. Please then call the stores and tell them the style numbers you are interested in.

(Q) How can I receive the fastest and best service?
(A) Make sure the store you are dealing with is an authorized Mary's Dealer. You can check by seeing if they are listed on our website. If they are not a reputable Mary's store then their quality and service may be poor and we want only the best for the brides to be.

(Q) Should I buy from the Internet?
(A) Most of the time buying from the Internet is a bad idea because your wedding dress is very special and your satisfaction and good service should be high priorities. Stores in your area can provide the best service so please leave buying on the Internet as a last resort. If you are thinking about buying from the internet and taking the dress to a bridal store, they may not want to help you. In addition, normal alteration stores may not be familiar with the alteration of the wedding dress and unfortunately if you do not like the dress, you may be stuck with it.

(Q) There are some internet sites located in China or ship directly from China that sells your dress. The prices are unbelievably cheap. Are they authorized distributors?
(A) No. In the last few months, many Chinese web site have popped up with every designer's picture. Basically, it's a site that steals all the major manufactures' picture from other web sites and tries to lure you with their pricing. They claim they can copy over 2000 different bridal designs from just looking at the little picture that you also see from the internet. Unfortunately, what they think looks like a similar copy is not. You will lose your money, Customs Duties and you have to return what you don't like to China. In addition, all the affiliation they list like Better Business Bureau are fake.
Google that web site address and the word 'complaint', then you will find what kind of company you will be dealing with."




(Q) I got a great deal on a dress. Is this deal too good to be true?
(A) If it is a really good deal then it probably is too good to be true. Please make sure the store is an authorized Mary's dealer. Make sure they can provide the service and the fitting and also make sure they are reputable by checking some references.

(Q) Why is the price of my dress so much higher then the suggested retail price?
(A) The suggest retail price does not include oversize charges, specialty cut charges, rush charges, shipping, alterations, and other extra services.

(Q) I really love one particular dress and I know the style number, but every store I have contacted does not have it in stock. Is there a way to locate this dress?
(A) If you have one dress you wish to locate and you know the style number please call our customer service at (281)933-9678 and they can do a search for you in another area. This takes about 30 minutes, so please call back after you have given us the style number. Since this takes a long time, the search is limited to only one dress. Please note, the store we mention may have already sold that dress so please call them first.  

(Q) Is the color of the picture display the same color as the dress?
(A) Not always. Your monitor and color correction utilities may change the colors. Different brands, lighting in the room, and other variables can also make your eyes receiving different color information. Do not use pictures and magazines as color swatches since different brands of ink on different types of paper may have different feel. Ask the store to show you sample swatches and allow for slight dye-lot difference.

(Q) Any final words of advice for a bride to be?
(A) Always try on the dress a final time before taking home. Never pay in full until you have gotten the dress and tried it on.  

(Q) How long would it take to received a dress after it has been order from an authorized retail store?
(A) 3 ~ 4 months unless we have it in stock. Rush service is sometimes possible.

(Q) How can I find out the style number of a particular dress when it has a four letter code with out calling customer service?
(A) Look through our images

(Q) How can I find out my size without going to a retail store?
(A) Look on size chart for dress measurement and not body measurement.

(Q) What the price of the dress?
(A) See suggested retail price on the picture.

(Q) Can Mary's do special made dresses?
(A) No, but maybe the store can modify your dress.

(Q) Can I order directly from your company?
(A) No see the store listing.

(Q) How can I locate a dress?
(A) Have style ready and call store listing first.

(Q) Why don't the  retail store on your website have their physical address?
(A) Call them for address.

(Q) I sent money for my catalog and have not yet received a catalog and check has cleared?
(A) It takes 4~6 week for processing. If Still haven't receive yet, call us with cancel check information for us to check.

(Q) Do you sell to Internet stores?
(A) No, we only sell to retail stores that have an actual store.

(Q) How can I become a Mary's authorized dealer?
(A) Please call our customer service at (281)933-9678 and they will be able to tell you how to contact the sales representative in your area.

(Q) I have a retail tax number. Can I purchase just one dress?
(A) No, there is a minimum number of samples of wedding dresses that must be ordered before a special gown can be ordered. If the store is ready to pick up our collection, please contact us for a sales rep near you.

(Q) My bridesmaid are located in different cities. Should I order the maids dresses from different stores? 
(A) No, please purchase all the maids dress from same store so the dress will have same dye lot, delivery date, etc. . ."

(Q) Can I copy Mary's picture and post them on my web page?
(A) No. This violates our copyrights and often, ends up on non-legitimate web sites. Please take pictures of your own samples to post onto your own web sites or you can link to our pictures.

(Q) Can I save the images on my hard disk? 
(A) No.

(Q) Can I print out the images? And how?
(A) yes but only the whole page; Just click on File (at the top left corner of your internet browser), then select Print or Print Preview. You can also select Page Setup then click on Landscape under Orientation for a better layout.


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